New vehicles are pretty darn complicated these days. Besides all the exterior cameras, the fancy infotainment screens, and the distance-pacing cruise control systems, there are the less obvious areas where the average new car of today is vastly more sophisticated than the new car of yesteryear. Engines are built to tighter tolerances than ever before, and are more highly strung and precisely controlled to meet ever-tightening emissions requirements. Transmissions are more complex, with more ratios – unless your new ride has a CVT, which is arguably an even more sophisticated piece of tech. Even vehicle bodies have gotten more advanced, with aluminum alloy growing more prevalent and the introduction of ever-more sophisticated exterior lighting assemblies.

In short, there’s a lot of advanced, highly specialized equipment that can fail, and while new vehicles today are in many ways more reliable than they ever have been, there are no guarantees.

That’s why vehicle warranties are such a critical piece in the new car shopping puzzle – so much so, in fact, that plenty of automakers make their standard factory warranties into a primary selling point for the brand. Yet sometimes, the factory protection simply isn’t enough; you need more years or miles of coverage to protect your investment. That’s when you turn to a Fidelity Extended Warranty Plan. is one of the fastest-growing websites offering vehicle protection plans through their selling dealers. Fidelity Extended Warranty Service Contracts and Fidelity Tire & Wheel Protection Plans are offered online in a seamless online quoting system. The selling dealers have an upfront and honest approach, and it’s a refreshing pivot away from the typical “say-anything-to-make-the-sale” shtick you might be accustomed to. On top of that, the selling dealers on are well known to offer some aggressive discounts on Fidelity products, with one of the most pleasant, user-friendly web-based quoting systems in the business. All plans are sold through the selling dealers of

We’re big fans of our cars, so believe us when we say we wouldn’t trust just any extended warranty provider. But over the course of more than four decades in business, Fidelity Warranty Services has proven itself a trustworthy provider of peace-of-mind for car aficionados, maintaining solid customer service scores and an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Working with a network of over 6,000 authorized service centers, Fidelity Warranty Services paid out more than $500 million in claims to protection plan holders in 2019 alone, and the firm’s comprehensive extended warranty service contract and road hazard tire and wheel protection plans are flexible, with several tiers allowing car owners to pay for only the level of protection they need. Just want the reassurance that your engine and transmission are protected, without any costly extras? Look into Fidelity’s Powertrain extended warranty service contract. Worried about scraping your car’s rims, but don’t quite feel like paying for paintless dent repair coverage you might never use? Fidelity’s Premium tire and wheel protection plan might be for you. was launched in partnership with Steingold Volvo Cars in Pawtucket, Rhode Island to help facilitate the dealership’s Fidelity warranty sales, and it’s grown dramatically in the time since, with the increased popularity of Fidelity plans. Steingold Volvo Cars is one of the nation’s most veteran Volvo retailers, and consistently ranks among the highest-rated dealers nationwide in customer satisfaction. But you don’t need to own a Volvo to take advantage of their offerings. Steingold Volvo Cars is certified to offer Fidelity Vehicle Protection Plans, meaning they can sell protection for virtually any vehicle make or model. Just as important, is running a promotion right now that offers a $100 discount on all Fidelity vehicle protection plans; just go to and enter the promocode “FP100” to take advantage. You can also check out the new online quoting system at this link to get a sense of what a Fidelity protection plan for your vehicle would cost before making a decision.