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Who's with me?

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California or bust.

The proposal was put forward and was approved by the board members (wife and nobsters).

It is a go.

Summer of 2008 I will exusing myself from work and personal life to drive from Toronto to Vancouver and down the left coast to California and back as the crow flies. I have been talking about it for 25 years and now I am going to do it.
In the SL.

Anyone interested in joining me? Joining along the way? Meeting in CA? Pop in visits on the way back? (hint: take a ruler and draw a sraight line from Scott's to Toronto).


OK I am not sure about Scotts but you get the idea.
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Oddly, I just posted a remark that says "Right there with ya"

Alas, there is no excuse that will get me out of work for the time that's needed. When She Who Must Be Obeyed and I drive the SL to Niagra someday, SOMEONE better be home!
ScottinSoCal said:
Option 1) A very nice room at a resort in Santa Barbara. I happen to be sleeping with the manager, and I can get pretty good room rates.
Does he pull the covers off of you during the night?
nobby said:
The next part of the planning stage is ......when?
I will take three cycles of work off which equates to 28 days. Long enough?
What time of year?
What th'?

I'm already an hour north of Pittsburgh. If you aren't packed up, gassed up and waiting in the driveway when I get there tomorrow afternoon, the trip's off.
^^^ know me too well.
Alas, although I get 3 weeks off, I am required to take them separately, one week at a tiime. You better post MANY pctures.
Yeah, he should be concerned about retaining me.'s another one to pencil in on your tour.

MBL87560SEC said:
Hi John,

For US enthusiasts:

I'm not at all sure if MBUSA will honor requests from non US addresses. If my recent experiences with trying to get service CDs sent offshore hold true, then US requests only. I do not know if the Classic Center in California is up & running yet....

Cheers, MBL
The Classic Center is up and running in Irvine, Ca.

When you go in, ask to see the collection in the garage.
Talk to Mike if you need anything. I go there at least once a month.
Once when I went there, the receptionist was the only person working downstairs. She was new, I took advantage. I got to sit in Räikkönen's MP4 19. It was a bit awkward as I am 6'6 and it was built for him at 5'8"/5'9".

Amazing place though. If you're even remotely in the area (anywhere in southern california) and you're a true enthusiast, go for it. They have a 1987 560SEL with 9,xxx miles on it for sale for like $35k. Other cars as well. There was a 1956 300SL, numbers matching, in prime condition with the original luggage for a steep $335k. Oh ohh ohh there was also an "orginal" Gazelle lifter on the rack in the garage (as not to be touched or breathed on) that had a sign on it that read "Absolutely not for sale". They also had the Excelero there for 3 days early this year. Massively long car. A have to go to location.
Thinking about flying out to LA for the long weekend of the 4th. It could stretch through the 7th. SWMBO is moderately amenable at this time. More later. Watch this space.
Hey, Nobby. Be sure to download the Canadian voice.

"Make a left, eh Hoser?"

Garmin: nuvi 350 Updates & Downloads
Wait until you ignore three of her commands in a row. She will cop some SERIOUS attitude.
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