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Who's with me?

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California or bust.

The proposal was put forward and was approved by the board members (wife and nobsters).

It is a go.

Summer of 2008 I will exusing myself from work and personal life to drive from Toronto to Vancouver and down the left coast to California and back as the crow flies. I have been talking about it for 25 years and now I am going to do it.
In the SL.

Anyone interested in joining me? Joining along the way? Meeting in CA? Pop in visits on the way back? (hint: take a ruler and draw a sraight line from Scott's to Toronto).


OK I am not sure about Scotts but you get the idea.
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nobby said:
Anyone interested in joining me? Joining along the way? Meeting in CA? Pop in visits on the way back? (hint: take a ruler and draw a sraight line from Scott's to Toronto).
Right down PCH. I'll wait for you to catch up in Malibu, then we can go watch your wife spend your childrens' inheritance on Rodeo Drive. On a single pair of shoes.
nobby said:
My SL is the one with the oval tailpipe. You'll get familiar with it.
You're going to drive it backwards? Is that wise?

nobby said:
Of course I could also be in a convoy of SL's.
I bet I know this section of PCH better than any of them.

Including where they like to radar. ;)
When it gets closer, give me an idea of when you'll be through. I can give you two options:

Option 1) A very nice room at a resort in Santa Barbara. I happen to be sleeping with the manager, and I can get pretty good room rates.

Option 2) A nicely appointed guest room with ensuite bath. Dogs sharing the bed are optional. Sharing your food with the parrot is not optional. At least, not if you want to keep your hearing. Parrots can be loud.
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Digmenow said:
Does he pull the covers off of you during the night?
No, I pull the covers off him.
crb49 said:
I'm good for an Orange County get together. Also good friends with the parts mgr. at MB Restoration Center. So I'm sure we can hook you up with a VIP tour.
So, um, could other people get in on Nobby's coattails? You know, I'm perfectly happy to be considered just another member of a VIP's entourage.
POS said:
Wish I'd known that last summer - we stayed in a hotel one block down from there. That's a Westin, isn't it?
The only hotels I'm really familiar with in SB are the resort my other half manages, the Biltmore and the Bacara. They're the "Big Three" in SB.
I am thinking last two weeks of june and first two of july.
Whenever. When it gets closer I'll put in time off for myself, but if I put it in a year in advance my boss would just give me the fisheye and I'd have to remind him two weeks in advance anyway.'s another one to pencil in on your tour.
I'm hoping he's planning on that. I can't remember who it was, but someone volunteered to get Nobby a VIP tour and said others could go with him. I've been holding off going to the Classic Center partly because I want in on that VIP tour. The other part was because I didn't want them to laugh at my car. I don't worry so much about that now, but they may hate that I went a different color carpet than they intended.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Steering part
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In the mean time, I can enjoy the beautiful smiles that I have invested in for my daughters.
Oh come on. Their teeth weren't that bad. Their dentist sent me a copy of the exam photos:

Tooth Mouth Jaw Neck Organ

They could have gummed their creamed corn for a couple more years.
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