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Who's with me?

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California or bust.

The proposal was put forward and was approved by the board members (wife and nobsters).

It is a go.

Summer of 2008 I will exusing myself from work and personal life to drive from Toronto to Vancouver and down the left coast to California and back as the crow flies. I have been talking about it for 25 years and now I am going to do it.
In the SL.

Anyone interested in joining me? Joining along the way? Meeting in CA? Pop in visits on the way back? (hint: take a ruler and draw a sraight line from Scott's to Toronto).


OK I am not sure about Scotts but you get the idea.
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If everything goes well, I'll be going with my nephew to Indianapolis Ind. for the Brickyard 400. In my "73" I own a seat just after turn 4 on the straightaway. My sister lives out there so the stay is free. If your cruzin around ya can always stop for a swim:D I'll keep an eye on benzworld in case.
I've had that happen a lot. Try this, still set up the Vacation dates w/a plan B event. (Less expensive) But if the money comes in OFF YOU GO. It worked every time I've really set it up that way for me.

It's worth a try.
1 - 2 of 68 Posts
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