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Who's with me?

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California or bust.

The proposal was put forward and was approved by the board members (wife and nobsters).

It is a go.

Summer of 2008 I will exusing myself from work and personal life to drive from Toronto to Vancouver and down the left coast to California and back as the crow flies. I have been talking about it for 25 years and now I am going to do it.
In the SL.

Anyone interested in joining me? Joining along the way? Meeting in CA? Pop in visits on the way back? (hint: take a ruler and draw a sraight line from Scott's to Toronto).


OK I am not sure about Scotts but you get the idea.
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ScottinSoCal said:
Right down PCH. I'll wait for you to catch up in Malibu, then we can go watch your wife spend your childrens' inheritance on Rodeo Drive. On a single pair of shoes.
My SL is the one with the oval tailpipe. You'll get familiar with it.

I will probably be solo with the option of picking the chairwoman up at the San Fran Airport and site seeing before she flies back.

Of course I could also be in a convoy of SL's.
ScottinSoCal said:
You're going to drive it backwards? Is that wise?

Sorry, I'm tired and heading to bed.

I have nothing left.

All outta rebuttals.

Gotta recharge the batteries.
ScottinSoCal said:
You're going to drive it backwards? Is that wise?
It's going to seem to you that YOU are in reverse when I pull away .
To add to your disappointment, you will miss seeing the square headlights.
POS said:
Make sure you hit the MB Classic Center in Orange County. I'm thinking of taking the SL AMG up to the Woodward Dream Cruise.
Thanks for the tip.

Being the good guy that I am, I would only attend a cruise with my car so others could feel good about their cars.
flyboyike said:
Hey, nobby, how far are you from London, ON? If not too far, I probably flew right over your house the other day on the way to Chicago from Boston.
I am about 2.5 hrs away. I have worked at YUL and YYZ for the past 27 years. In YUL I always seemed to live under the flight path while here in Barrie MAYBE you will hear the odd single engine aircraft. I quite like having normal backyard conversations.
In planning for the upcoming 2008 roadtrip, I email MB Canada and asked if a directory existed for all the North American MB dealership / garages. Lo and behold one just showed up in the mail.
Part number S-2410-06A
Oct. 2006
Printed in Canada

It includes addresses. phone numbers and maps.
I'm impressed.
Seriously, folks. I am in the preliminary planning stages of this trip.
Toronto to Vancouver to California to Vegas to Toronto. I will meet anyone along the way and either have lunch, sleep on the couch or drive a distance. I would really like to roll into California with more than, well, me.
Keep me posted.
Or I'll keep posting.
ScottinSoCal said:
When it gets closer, give me an idea of when you'll be through. I can give you two options:

Option 1) A very nice room at a resort in Santa Barbara. I happen to be sleeping with the manager, and I can get pretty good room rates.

Option 2) A nicely appointed guest room with ensuite bath. Dogs sharing the bed are optional. Sharing your food with the parrot is not optional. At least, not if you want to keep your hearing. Parrots can be loud.
Thanks, Scott.
I'll bring some crackers.
crb49 said:
Did this trip last summer... sort of backwards by your standards, Knobbie.

LA up the coast to Seattle to Victoria BC. Wonderful trip and you'll enjoy almost every minute of it. I'm good for an Orange County get together. Also good friends with the parts mgr. at MB Restoration Center. So I'm sure we can hook you up with a VIP tour. Keep those cards and letters comming.
Thanks. I am sure I will announce my departure in 12 months.
The next part of the planning stage is ......when?
I will take three cycles of work off which equates to 28 days. Long enough?
What time of year?
My wife thinks last week of June first three weeks of July. Her sister in Vancouver owns a cottage 1 hour from here and will be there in July and can watch the nobsters when nobette meets me in San Fran and perhaps Vegas.

I would also like to meet as many of you as I can. For the pleasure of meeting you, I will gladly sleep on your couch and slap a hometown decal on my SL to document my travels.
Good deal, eh?
isthisdave said:
You are more than welcome to crash at my humble abode. The couch is quite comfortable, but don't you dare slap any stickers on the Green Machine.

It's not as big an issue along the coast, but you need to know the July temps here in CenCal regularly top 40C.

Maybe you can use this, Trip Planner : Weather Underground.

Thanks for the kind offer. Stickers on the SL aren't going to bother it. It needs paint anyways. Maybe I can cover up some of the blemishes. I'm thinking back of the trunk lid. Any benzworld stickers out there?
Digmenow said:
What th'?

I'm already an hour north of Pittsburgh. If you aren't packed up, gassed up and waiting in the driveway when I get there tomorrow afternoon, the trip's off.
Are you sure you don't have to check with SWMBO before you make such bold offers?
OK..I am at a juncture.

I need to select my vacation for next year.

Any suggestions?

I am thinking last two weeks of june and first two of july.
Whenever. When it gets closer I'll put in time off for myself, but if I put it in a year in advance my boss would just give me the fisheye and I'd have to remind him two weeks in advance anyway.
That's the thing. I HAVE to make my selections NOW. Given my seniority and position, I can pick what I want but it has to be now.

Thanks guys.
My wife is suddenly not impressed.

It seems she did some quick mapquesting to see the actual distance and time it will take me.
Seems as though I am looking at 112 hours of driving.
She would prefer if I only used 3 weeks vacation for this trip which is 28 calender days.
I really don't want to be terribly rushed.
I would prefer 4 weeks vacation which would be 36 days.
Negotiations will continue.
I think WE ALL KNOW the outcome.
So...How will I put 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag?
Negotiations ended early this morning and the outcome has been committed to paper and filed with the proper authorities.
3 weeks it is.
I will be leaving on my adventure June 24 and returning July 21.
I figure I will be in Vancouver June 29 and San Fran July 4, LA maybe July 7.
Soooo.....where does one get one of these in sticker / decal / placard form?


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Can you post a copy of that map. 112 hours driving Mapquest time. Whats the total milage? What are the speed limits in Canada?

John Roncallo
This was pretty much a rough estimate doing a Barrie-Vancouver-LA-Vegas-Barrie search.
Major highways....60mph . I am pretty sure I can do 75mph without worrying about 5-0.
Offer still stands for the Restoration tour, Nobby (and friends).

You'll probably be ready for home after three weeks anyway. Well, i say that after our not quite three week coastal jaunt. The only problem is you'll be ready to take off again after being home a week.
Thanks again. I will be referring back to this thread as departure time approaches and making all the connections.
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