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whoa...walked up to a c55 thought is was one of our e55's!

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I was beside myself I thought I had a keen eye for cars. But today I walked up to a c55 and thought from 30 ft away it was an E hiding the kompressor badges. It had a lip on the trunk but that did not give it away for me but it should have. damn c's look just like our e's. they dressed the c55 to mimic our ride! damn it! might have to get that 2005 911c4s. I just will not spook as many people but I drove one (C2s) and it is just as fast as the e55...and looks incredible
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Are you serious? You think a Carrera 2 is as fast as an E55? I wouldn't have guessed that.

Since you have one though, I won't argue.[:I]
Well maybe not say from 80 mph up, but I did not get that fast with the C2S the key is the S. adds like 30hp and puts it around 355. BUt you know those sports cars that are low to the ground feel faster than they are. After further thought I think our E's are a tick faster say to 60 and through the quarter. Especially if a guy does not know how to shift.
But Mercedes did copy our E and tried to fit it to the C. sonnofa!
I know what you mean about sitting low and feeling as if you are going faster, had the same experience recently driving an old (90's) 911 speedster. Also the sound of the new watercooled engines don't help the situation at all.

It's not that the Porsche is slow,... it's that the E55 is f*cking fast![:D]
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