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who sells lemforder? 300 turbo trans mount

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i cannot remember who i bought my motor mounts from and before i install them i might as well do the transmission too but i only want lemforder.
probably a dumb question which is why i did a search first but i didnt find anything on where to buy. recommendations?
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The issue with off brand parts is that the can sometimes last a long time, but sometimes they also don't. It's a lack of consistency that makes it dicey. I've heard stories of people with Uro motor mounts lasting years, and others with them going flat in a month.

It seems to me that there can be some parts that it's reasonable to try less expensive non-name brand parts, where if they fail you can just replace them again. But there are other instances where you want the best you can buy, for example your radiator or your oil cooler lines or your flex discs.

I think the tranny mount is one where you can get away with "lesser" brands, so long as you're willing to occasionally be under your car checking it and replacing it on the chance you get a dud.
Funny story. Yes, that would be a Febi transmission mount; Febi is owned by Bilstein. Should be much better than the likes of Uro or Meyle.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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