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who sells lemforder? 300 turbo trans mount

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i cannot remember who i bought my motor mounts from and before i install them i might as well do the transmission too but i only want lemforder.
probably a dumb question which is why i did a search first but i didnt find anything on where to buy. recommendations?
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If Transmission Fluid gets on it even a Lemfoerder might not hold up well.
...i know sometimes an aftermarket product is just as good but in this case i dont know if it really matters or not. the transmission isnt leaking but i thought if im under there i might as well do the t mount.

maybe the tranny mount doesnt make that much difference im just not sure if i should try to be brand conscience. i have a pair of meyle engine mounts still wrapped if anybody wants them, i ended up with lems.
...i just talked to the guy that does the work on my cars that i am not able to do. i can do a lot of general maintainence and repairs but when i know im over my head i take my car to ted. i called him and asked him his opinion on the mount and if he had one in stock i could buy. he said if its made in germany i need not worry about the quality. while i was on the phone and online with him a quick google search turned up a bilstien mount for 22 dollars. this was surprising to him and HE asked ME where im getting my parts from and if i had a tax/resale number. i found that humorous and i asked, 'are you computer literate'....

he said yeah im on the computer right now so i told him to just pose any question to google and he would be surprised not buy the parts available but the technical knowledge available. he asked why are people giving away this info for free and i couldnt help but gafaw a bit so i went on to explain we love these cars, we're a cult, a community. felt a little bad for him cause he puts bread on the table fixing these cars but hey hes not going to run out of drs and lawyers with mercedes benz cars to work on. we talked a bit about kent bergsma who he is familiar with.

if anybody is in the seattle tacoma area with a mercedes benz that needs a certified mercedes guy who cares about the quality of his work Friedels in renton is where you can go with complete trust in the quality of the repairs. every car that goes in that shop is cared for the same as it would be if it was their own personal car.

ted is a an awesome guy, he reminds me of our member grovert, he lives and breathes mercedes benz. id be his shop boy for free just to learn what he could teach me. check out their customer reviews, its a real pleasure knowing great people like the people at Friedels.
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Funny story. Yes, that would be a Febi transmission mount; Febi is owned by Bilstein. Should be much better than the likes of Uro or Meyle.
...ah, thank you thats good to know.
It is a conspiracy!

Bilstien and I believe it is Febi are parts of the same Company. Can you let US know if the Mount comes in a Bilstien Box of FEBI Box and if it is really made in Germany.
...sure i will let you know. i have to take a look under the car first to see if my mount has the oval hole in the center or not. as soon as i confirm that i will place the order. thanks for the infor on febi.

this diesel is going in the garage for a year on october 31 and the 84 300 turbo thats been in there will be on the road for 1 year. as it turns out the 85 tabs expire on 10-31 and on 11-1 i can get a full year out of new tabs on the 84 so i will be swapping back and forth year after year in order to keep them in good operating condition. i just finished the linkage bushings in the 84, good times!
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