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I own a 2012 sls roadster
Since day one I had super loud break
Mb replaced to pads and rotors and applied a paste,nothing solved it.
In total it was at the dealer 14 times
8 of the times the breaks got worked on.
I also had 2 engine failures one
Going 60 miles and hour on the 405 freeway when the car decided to get stuck on first gear and to shake like crazy.
I tried to resolve the matter with mb
But they gave me the run around.
I hired a lawyer that is sure the case is
100% a lemon but mb still would not take the car back.
The car does not run and has been sitting in my driveway for 7 months now.
Anyone here can help?
Thank you

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Yes. Modern automated machinery supervised by an alert supervisor can match or exceed the quality of individual workers. The preciseness of the latest automated factory equipment is impressive.

This whole thing is a very clever marketing tactic by MB and is now being copied by Aston-Martin. It is a cool thing to associate your engine, the heart of your car, with an actual person's name.
41 - 49 of 49 Posts
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