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Dear all,
I am currently own a 97 S500L for over 6 months and I just found out a 97 S600 available in the market. I love the W140 very much but I dont know which area I should look for in a S600.

I am not in US and 98 is the last year for W140. Some said less than 10 S600 was imported here in 97 and not sure if there is any 98 S600 available. I do see 1 or 2 98 W140 S320 available. But it is very hard to find.

My question is:
1) The 97 S600 got almost every option except ADS, is that mean that will give me less trouble?
2) Does it have the self-level system like the 560SEL did?
3) It got ESP instead of ASR, is it a huge different?
4) I tried to search thru out the forum to see what I should notice for the M120 but i cannot find any. Can anyone tell me which area I should focus at?
5) The car does not have the "check engine" light, is that mean there may be touble that i may miss out?

6) Should I just keep my 97 S500 instead and forget about the S600?

THank you!
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