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Which S Class is sold in the USA?

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I know that there is the W222 and the V222. I think that the W222 is the short wheelbase and the W222 is the V222 is the song wheelbase. Which of these are sold in the USA? Also, I saw in the MB site webpage that the new S600 Maybach is 8 inches longer than the standard S Class. Is it for the USA S Class or the Short Wheelbase version?

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Currently, the US only gets the V222 LWB sedans.

The S550, S600, S63, and S65 that we get here are all LWB.

The LWB is approximately 5.1" longer than the SWB counterparts.

The Maybach S600 measures in at 214.7", making it 8.2" longer than the LWB S-Class, and 13.3" longer than the SWB S-Class.
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