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Which rubber and plastic parts would be changed?

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When I finally find a 300D in the right condition and for the right price I'd like to proactively replace rubber and plastic components, filters as well as any other components likely to fail so as to start with a clean slate.

On my list thus far:
Window and door seals and runs
Sunroof seals and pads
Brake rotors and pads
Shift bushings
Flex disks
Exhaust suspension 'doughnuts'
Air filter and elbow seals
Glow plugs
Oil filter
Voltage regulator

Could anybody help me compile a list of all the hoses, seals and other bits and bobs that would be prudent to preemptively replace in the engine compartment and elsewhere?
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- I would also service A/C make sure compressor gets oil and is not 'chirping'
- Lube power windows mechanism -- moly grease on gears, synthetic grease where plastic parts are, silicone lube in the channels.
- I would check condition of shutoff valve. When it starts leaking it will mess up transmission shifting and will send oil down vacuum tube to ignition lock and may dirty up wires etc near instrument cluster.
- Cars from rust belt, for example, need to be checked for rusted fuel lines. Fuel line, fuel return line, and breather line rust through right where they pass through rubber mounts that attach them to the body.
- Check under battery tray for rust.
- Valve adjustment is a must every 12000 miles or 1 year.
- Diesel purge too.
- If you have turbo I would also check if wastegate is performing correctly to make sure you do not overboost the engine.

Good luck and have fun with it!!
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