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Which Radiator?

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I'm having trouble figuring out which radiator I need to order. I want to replace it but I don't want to have to remove the radiator to check for the part number and then put it back, only to replace it when the new part comes in. I think that's a waste of fluid and time, I rather just do it once.

I can't seem to easily find the part number, does anyone know where it is located?

AutohausAZ only lists one radiator, whereas Autopartswarehouse lists multiple radiators from Behr. They seem to be different in sizes and materials...

Reason for replacing the radiator is because I think it is probably clogged up, and at 183k miles, I think it is time to replace it anyhow. I get 110C-115C engine temps with AC on, idling. If I rev the engine, it drops about 5C degrees. If I'm driving on the freeway with AC, it sits on about 101C. I think it's too hot and everytime I come to a stop, my eyes are always focused on the temp guage. When I first got the car, it wasn't like this, it sat more around 95C and only gets above 100 when the car is off. I am planning on replacnig the thermostat. I don't think the fan clutch is bad, I tried stopping it while it was at idle speed and it had a lot of force, I was afraid to damage it trying to stop it. Also having issues with my duovalve getting stuck I think, sometimes it blows hot air through the vents with AC on, sometimes not.

So what I have for the next few weeks: radiator, thermostat, all the hoses, expansion tank and cap, duovalve and the maybe TT pipe thing at the back of the engine.
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easiest thing you can do is go to the dealer with your vin and they will give you the part number, just say can i get a quote with part number and there you go :) thats the only way to get correct part numbers
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