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Which models and year have flex disc which fits 01 C240?

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I found bad flex disc, dealer wants $100, I'll go to junk yard tomorrow to find good used one.
There is bunch of c-class 95-01 there. Does E-class disc fit?
I guess I'll have to check all models/years with EPC.
So far I found 99 C280, 99 E320, 01 c320 have the same disc.


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From 98 up:
C280, C240, C320, C230, E320, SLK230, E430 4matic
there are 6 cars at local junk yard, hopefully at least one of them had flex discs replaced. I will use locking glue for nuts.
I need more parts from there, not just flex discs, so I have to go anyway.
I guess, they'll charge me $5-10 each.
I spent lots of money on the car, the car + parts+ registration =about $1700-1800!:)
A few days ago I charged AC, I used about 1 lb of freon, it is $3!
I paid $8.99, only bought one disc. For some reason front one wears more, so I removed rear disc from 04 C230. There are 2 pictures of each side. One side is marked with black marker.


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