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I'm biased, the EQC wins. In second place is the I-Pace and last, the Audi E-Tron. All I could ask for from Mercedes is for a sportier EQC that doesn't necessarily have to be AMG badged. If done, it could have enough sporty I-Pace character to make the EQC my only choice. Still i'm curious to hear what others have to say. Being a Mercedes forum I know many will side with Mercedes on this one.

AutoMag picked the I-Pace and you can read about it here. Below I just clipped their conclusions (the comparison is lengthy):

Audi E-Tron:
"The Audi is the biggest and heaviest ship in this fleet, and it feels like it. Although the 165-kW full-time rear motor invariably outperforms its part-time 135-kW counterpart up front, the cornering attitude is predominantly neutral, the handling is safe, and the roadholding is well connected. Thanks to the e-Quattro system's adaptive torque delivery, the mighty mauler feels almost instantly like putty in the hands of its driver. With all adjustable parameters set in Dynamic, there is even an odd trace of rowdiness shining through as the wizard of ohm occasionally shrieks for grip. The brakes are strong and virtually immune to repeated calls of duty, and the transition from electric to hydraulic deceleration is quite seamless. But pedal pressure and travel could be more linear, and the initial response should be less blunt. What spoils the fun to a worrying extent is e-tron's variable-rate, yet disappointingly lifeless steering. It does change the direction of travel, but that's about its only forte. The feedback is annoyingly casual, power assistance and steering angle play their own game, and in the wake of a sudden left-right-left emergency maneuver the action hardens momentarily in a disconcerting manner. Please take another look at that source code ASAP."

Mercedes EQC:
"The EQC has clear GLC-Class coupe overtones inside and out, but it feels significantly heavier and thus more firmly planted. The extra weight works wonders for the ride comfort, which is almost as supple as in the air-sprung Audi. True to the character of this species, Benz's very first fully electric starship is reassuringly unperturbed and almost lasciviously laid back. The steering acts in an unhurried fashion, fuses swift feedback and tactile communication, returns the tightest turning circle in this group, and is an integral part of the experience. In maximum recuperation mode, 0.25 g of negative deceleration is charging the batteries on the go. Most of the time, front-wheel drive is the preferred mode of propulsion, but as soon as you floor the throttle the rear wheels will duly join the show and keep pushing. Without a side glance at the energy flow display, one would struggle to register any change in the state of affairs. While the Mercedes is less enthusiastic in delivering the goods than e-tron and I-Pace, it impresses with a flowing sequence of motions which cover the ground efficiently and effortlessly."

Jaguar I-Pace:
"At the other end of the spectrum crouches the Jaguar I-Pace. It is the predator, not the prey. True, its ergonomics were defined by aliens, its range and state-of-charge predictions can be hilariously optimistic, the ride is firm even on the skinniest tires, and the fit and finish are not quite up to the high standards of the competition. But in terms of sheer driving pleasure, the I-Pace collects more smiles per mile. It hugs the road with even greater enthusiasm, even permits a trace of power oversteer once the overeager stability control is switched off. It has the quickest and most involving steering along with the most potent brakes by a narrow margin, even though a less indifferent pedal response would be a bonus. It is fastest through the cones, and it also wins the B-road challenge, the roundabout lotto, and the wet handling contest. It feels on boost even before you squeeze the accelerator. It is a slide-carver, radius-plotter, and apex-hugger par excellence—it's no wonder it has its own spec-EV racing series. If nimbleness can be an attribute of a 4,800-pound automobile, the Jaguar embodies it to an astonishing degree. If performance and environmental-friendliness were to find a common denominator, the I-Pace would come very close. It wins by a whisker, on ability and on charm."
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