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Which flat hood badge to get?

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Can you guys help me out with some links to flat hood badges?

I don't want fake badges like the AMG hood badges.
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I disliked the standing star on the hood of my c240. I would drive and see a star, now its nice and flat, and looks way more better. I just got this done yesterday, i ordered mine from the dealer for only $24.95, its very nice good quality badge for the money. It was easy to install i was worried and asked the dealer how much for them to install and they wanted $45. I decided to do it myself which was less then 5 minutes to put on, no tools nothing pop the hood hold the star and from underneath twist counter-clockwise, that will remove the star. Mine was extremely simple to install i don't have a picture of it but all i had to do was drop it in the hole and it had clips so it moved in to go through the hole and expanded to stay still once it was in. If you do want the AMG and others here is a link that has a couple, my advise get it from the dealer.
Thanks for the help.

Is there a part number that I need to give to the dealer?
I've had a number of people interested in switching out their stand up hood star for the flat badge.

It's usually an in stock piece, it's the same badge as the badge that comes on the CLK of the same vintage. You should just be able to buy it and pop it in. I usually just grab a tech and they pop it right in, nobody should ever have to pay to have one of those put in, but it's easy to do yourself too.
So you're saying I can go to the dealer, and they will put it in for free?

I'm hopefully going tomorrow to order the flat hood emblem. Is the part # A 204 817 06 16?
I just went to the dealer, I ordered one for 18$ :)

They didn't have it in stock, but they should have it in by thursday.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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