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Hi all!
Please someone tell me what CD-changer (both OEM and
aftermarket) will work with the 4780 (APS30 for Chrysler) unit? It seems impoosible to get help from
the dealers.
What bus is it? M-bus, CANbus, d2b ???

The connectors on the back of the HU looks like this:
and there is an optical connector (square 2 pin)and a small 3mm circular connector which is for ??.

It is installed in a Jaguar XJ6-97 and works fine, but the changer-option is greatly missed. The original wire-loom in the car works with Jaguar and Alpine changers but perhaps there are some adapters available? If the APS-unit takes a d2b-changer I would probably have to install new wiring. MOst of all I would like Mp3-playback capabilities, but ordinary cd-changer would be OK.

Also, if anyone knows of adapters or wire-looms for
connecting an Ericsson T39m phone with mute and handsfree function any hints are appreciated.

Thank You!
//Gunnar L.
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