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Which car to keep?

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I (we) need to decide which car to keep and which to sell:

My wife drives a 2004 E320 RWD that she got from her mom about 6 years ago. It has about 55k miles on it. I have done most of the work on it. It is in very good condition. The SBC has not been repaired or replaced but shows no signs of trouble. Online valuation shows this car to be worth between $8,500 - $11,000.

He mom died about a year ago & she inherited a 2009 E350 4matic with about 11k miles. This car also is virtually new except that it had been T-Boned on the right side and repaired to the tune of $16k. We took the car to a local independent shop for an oil change and to look to see if they could determine if the repair was done correctly (based on external viewing only). They did not find anything wrong with the car and it drives just fine. Online valuation of this car is between $18,000 - $24,000 (depending on how one discounts the damage & repair).

Which one would you keep & sell?
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Judging by industry standards that deduct 40% for salvage title, looks to me that both cars will sale for about the same.
In such case I would keep 2009, but frankly I am advertising 2 cars for several months. even I want to sell 1 of them.
The 1998 E300 turbodiesel with 265k miles and 2004 E320 wagon 4M with 150k miles.
None of them got offer I would accept, but at least diesel did get some tire kickers, while nobody inquires about more expensive wagon.
Put both of them on CL and see which one gets first offer.
There is no raging debate with insurance adjusters about 40% deduction for salvage.
I know that very often it is unfair, but they are the ones who drive the market.
I think you'd be happy with both cars like I am with mine, but newer looks sure are tempting.
That change the situation a bit, but I wonder how $16k repair on $20k car did not make the salvage?
I think when the repair was done (about 20 months ago) the car was worth over $35k.
Since it is not salvage, that should bring you higher resale price, so you might have financial benefit to sell newer car.
As you can see above not everybody thinks newer is better. ;)
If you can't make firmly your mind >>>> flip a coin. ;)
4M of this generation is trouble free if you keep eye on front boots.
Factory boots last about 10 years, but they can be torn by road debris.
Once you overlook damaged boot, the dirt will take the joint and those are pretty expensive.
On my older car holding it down is all it takes.
But than my windows and sunroof seems to loose the memory for no reason
I mean I operate them twice a year, but seems each time I want to, I have to synchronize.
So with window I hold the button down (bare in mind 1st click on double switch) and than push it on automatic and the window will go up. On sunroof you have to push tilt up for other stop
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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