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Which car to keep?

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I (we) need to decide which car to keep and which to sell:

My wife drives a 2004 E320 RWD that she got from her mom about 6 years ago. It has about 55k miles on it. I have done most of the work on it. It is in very good condition. The SBC has not been repaired or replaced but shows no signs of trouble. Online valuation shows this car to be worth between $8,500 - $11,000.

He mom died about a year ago & she inherited a 2009 E350 4matic with about 11k miles. This car also is virtually new except that it had been T-Boned on the right side and repaired to the tune of $16k. We took the car to a local independent shop for an oil change and to look to see if they could determine if the repair was done correctly (based on external viewing only). They did not find anything wrong with the car and it drives just fine. Online valuation of this car is between $18,000 - $24,000 (depending on how one discounts the damage & repair).

Which one would you keep & sell?
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You didn't mention where you lived, but that can be significant. For example, here in NW Arkansas we found it wiser to have one '05 E320 and one ML or GL with AWD. We get snow and ice here in the hills and this occasionally calls for AWD.

Apart from that issue, the '09 has fewer miles (but not significantly fewer), appears to have been properly repaired, and is the same basic size and comfort level. While the SBC and fuel tank / pump issues still face the '04, those aren't an issue on the '09. However, I believe the 350 engine faces the crank sensor and balance shaft issue that the 320 doesn't, but these are less expensive than the SBC and fuel tank / pump.

I love our '05 E-320, but in your situation I'd probably sell the '04 and keep the '09.
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