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Where's the Oil Filter located?

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Guys,do anyone of you guys know where are the oil filters located? When I opened my bonnet, all I can see is the engine is covered with a black plastic top. Any diagrams of the engine where you can see the filters? Thanks in advance.
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Why do you want to know? Just curious.

because its an odd question.<br>
If you are just curious as to where it is, that would seem odd.<br>
If you want to know because you are planning on changing the oil, I suggest that you NOT work on your car yourself. If you can't figure out where the oil filter is by simply looking at the engine bay, you are very inexperienced and should not be messing with the engine in a $35K+ car.
It's on the front of the engine on the right side, on the top. It's under a black cover that's shaped like an oil filter.
Yeah,You're right but....

Yeah, thanks for the answer and you're right, I'm inexperienced but it's just that I saw this 'Bandit 2000' in my car shop and I was thinking of getting them and installing the magnets to my oil filters (easy right?) since I read that the magnets reduces engine wear and improves fuel economy. That's all.There's no way I'm going to change the engine oil,spark-plugs or what so ever myself.Anyway, do you know where is it?<br> <br> And thanks for the concern J.Galt, appreciate it.
Thanks for reply BillD. Just to make sure, there's only one which is on the right side,right? Not anymore? Sorry for the stupid question. You see, it's my first time having a 'V' engine. So far just 4 or 6 cylinders Japanese and BMW's.(325's) and Merc 190 16v.
On the right front of the big plastic cover you see the oil filler cap right? Just in front of that and in front of the big cover is the black cover for the oil filter. Mines a C240, but I'm almost positive the 320's identical in this respect. Good luck with the magnets!
What you are planning is a waste of money, because . . .

1) Those magnets don't do anything but are just a marketing gimmick. If it worked, every manufacturer in the world would use them. Or, even better, would simply make the oil filter housing magnetized steel.<br> <br> and <br> <br> 2) They won't stick to the aluminium housing that holds the oil filter in the C class, anyways.<br> <br> Don't waste your money.
Thanks for advice,Guys!

On second thought, I think J.Galt's opinion on just a waste of money is true. So I decided not to get those.But thanks to you to BillD (At least i know wheres the Oil Filter is now)!<br> Best Regards!
what about on C230 Kompressor?
It is on the left (driver's side) of the engine. On the 2.3 it is near the front and on the 1.8 it is near the back of the engine.
do you have a pic? on 1.8 2003

<<<< see the pic on the left that's 2003 WZ
I found it all the way in the back.. geesh looks like i would need a tool to get it out.
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