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Where to get a lorinser dtm kit?

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Anyone know a good place to get a lorinser dtm kit? I live in toronto, canada but chances are harder to get one here.
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You're looking to pay @6000.00 for a real DTM kit. Talk to Peter at wheelexpert. He gives good deals. I will have my finished by the weekend. [:D]
damn thats expensive, how much did it cost you for paint and install?
Paint was @ 1000.00 and I'm installing it myself. Gota save money somewhere. The parts are easy to put on.
ok i bought a replica lorinser, its on its way and i got a quote for about the same price with paint but the guy is telling me that its not that easy to install due to some molding? Do i just remove the factory kit and install this one or there something else to it? And do you have any pics of yours? Thanks.
Where did you get your replica kit from and how much did it run you?
if its a replica kit, theres a good chance youre going to have to play around with it to get it to fit correctly. a dremel and bondo might become your next two best friends. do a search on here and youll see what i mean.
i'm not gonna try to do it myself, but i'm hoping the replica is close enough that there wont be any problems ... i got the kit for 1080 US including shipping and fogs, i would have got it from autoblz with his group buy that he wanted to start but it never happened and i couldnt wait because it takes 1 month to ship here to canada. Its fiberglass so i have it arrives safely but not sure what the body shop will do with the kit and overcharge me with it.
What company did you get it from? Do they got a website?
i ordered it from but i still havent recieved it yet nor have i seen the condition of the kit so i dunno if you want to wait on it till mine arrives, it will be here he said within 4 weeks but they dont have it on their site, i emailed them and he said he could get it for me. I think he's related to, could be wrong though ...
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