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Where the heck do you buy REAR sway bar bushings?

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Well, like it says ... where the hell do we buy them?! Everywhere I look has the front bushings and no rear. :confused: So confused ...
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Got mine from
Thanks foolio, I was actually on their sight earlier today and came up empty. I feel like I am missing something!
Well, I had to try the local dealer who in turn said there were NO rear 560 sel sway bushings at any Benz dealer in the U.S. any longer. The good thing is, they will get them from Germany for $10 a piece regardless shipped to my house in a week. seems to no longer have any in stock as well and at least from the person I spoke to, they no longer plan to carry them as they are obsolete (?!)

Let's hope this solves my creak and clunk on my rear passenger side or it's on to inspecting bigger components!
I did do the links and not much improvement unfortunately. The creak, like an old rocking chair, comes from the rear drivers side and is driving me crazy!

I hear it on turns and slightly heavy acceleration and anytime really the rear end enters uneven pavement.... the bushings on there now look OK and I gave them some silicone when I did the links but it's still creak city.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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