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Where is the fuse that controlls the air conditioner onthe 1992 300 SL

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I have a 1992 300 SL. I am trying to locate the fuse that controlls the air conditioner. I was looking at the fuse box and I could not find it.

Where are the circuts that controll this. There seems to be no power going to the air conditioner unit

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When facing the engine I was looking at the fuse box located on the back right corrner. I was a black box with a metal clip holding down the front cover.

Where are the 2 fuse boxes located. I only discovered 1
Ok let me check the fuse chart.

Also can I tell if the fuse is good or bad. I noticed that the fuses are not the car fuses I am familiar with. I noticed the fuses are small and tube rod shape.
How do I replace my old style fuses
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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