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Where is the fuse that controlls the air conditioner onthe 1992 300 SL

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I have a 1992 300 SL. I am trying to locate the fuse that controlls the air conditioner. I was looking at the fuse box and I could not find it.

Where are the circuts that controll this. There seems to be no power going to the air conditioner unit

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Are you aware there are 2 fuse boxes ? which one did you look at ?
There is one in the trunk, but the A/C fuse is in the one up front, the one you've looked at.
Can't tell you the Fuse # as you have a '92 and I have a '98 and they could be different (mine is #17), but there should be a fuse chart in the lid of the box.
You have the old style fuses. if they are (still) the OEM aluminum fuses, should change them ALL to copper ones.
You can't change to new style fuses without major re-wiring to replace the whole fuse box. All you can do is to replace the aluminum one with copper ones of the same size, shape and Amperage.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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