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Where is switches for power seats?

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This ad is in Czech language but you can see pictures. Where this car has switches for power seats? Or it doesn't have a power seats? Never saw it before.
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Euro cars

We lived in Italy in the late '90s. Spent 2 wonderful years seeing the Country and venturing into neighboring Countries. I was driving a used Volvo which was adequate for what I wanted to do. I had never paid much attention to Mercedes before but when I saw what was in the fast lane on the Autostrade racking up mile after mile at 100+ I decided to take a longer look when I returned tot the US. I also started pricing out new cars in Europe thinking maybe I could buy one there and ship it home. I didn't look at Mercedes but Volvos since that is what I normally drove in the US. Ignoring their ridiculous VAT tax, the prices seemed quite reasonable until I saw what was included or more importantly what was NOT included. You paid extra for power seats, power windows, leather seats, sun roofs, etc. So yes, you probably could buy a Benz with manual seats. The more costly the car, the higher the taxes.
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