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Where is CD changer on '06 E55?

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I'm looking at purchasing an '06 E55 and I was looking at one yesterday and the guy showing it to me didn't have the owner's manual with him and couldn't find the CD changer. Is it in the trunk or in-dash? I didn't see it in the trunk or the glove box so I'm not sure where else it might be hidden away. I've searched this forum and google and ebay trying to figure it out, but I haven't had any luck.

The car has the premium package on it so I know it has the CD changer, but I'm wondering if it is actually still in the car. The NAV disc was gone so it wouldn't surprise me if somebody tried to strip a couple things out of the car.
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I could be wrong but I thought those have an in-dash CD changer.
In the center of the dash is the triangular emergency flash button. Below that is a silver button. Press the button.

Magic will occur and you'll find the CD Changer.
It has both. A single disc above the Nav screen, but if you push the button below the emergency, the face lifts up and there is a six CD changer below. I know because I bought mine yesterday and the salesman showed me, or I'd still be searching!
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