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Could someone help me ID these wires/vacuum lines?


^^ This loom is on the passenger side, it has a red and black wire under the loom.


^^ These wires are on the drivers side.


^^ This is on the passenger side, is a wire missing here or just a random fuse?


^^ This vacuum line is behind the glovebox, not sure where it goes but I noticed my recirculation switch has 3 holes with 2 lines going in it. Maybe this goes there?


^^ Does anyone know what this black cylinder does? The wire is disconnected and not sure if I should reconnect or just leave it alone?

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Pretty sure the fuses are for the alarm system. The missing wire is normal.
The vertical cylinder is the heater valve that connects to the horizontal cylinder, re circulation / auxiliary pump. The The disconnected wire probably goes directly below it.
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