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Where can I get invoice prices for options on the c320?

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I'm looking to buy a new c320 and I found a new 2001 c320 black/black with sports package, xenons, cd changer, moonroof, and heated seats <br> They said they would give it to me for $42,999? Is this a good price? How much have you been paying for your c320s? Also is there a place online where I can get the invoice prices for the options? Thanks so much
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MB's standard markup is 7% on the car and options. On the net check out these sites:<br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br> There are some differences in these sites invoice prices. I did a lot of arithmetic and discovered that most of the items had a 7% markup, so I assumed that anything else was wrong. My sales rep was astounded that I had accurate numbers and comfirmed the 7% markup. When negociating don't forget about the 3% holdback. This 7% markup does not apply to dealer installed option such as the cd-changer. They can charge whatever they can get away with.<br> <br> Assuming you are talking about the C2, C4 and C6 packages, carpoint comes up with an MSRP of $43685 and invoice of $40674, not including the cd changer. As I said, the dealer can charge anything they want for the cd-changer. The range posted on various fora is $0 to $1200. Whether this is a good deal or not depends greatly on where you live.
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If the vehicle is really a 2001-you should be able to negotiate at or very close to invoice-possibly even below. That's 'old' inventory that the dealer is paying interest on. Lynn is spot on about the 7% mark up and the Edmunds site will give you a side by side comparison MSRP vs Invoice.
I read Ken's post too fast and missed that it was a 2001.
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