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2003 Mercedes Benz S430 with AMG Pkg
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Can i get and change the actual bushing or do i have to change entire lower control arm?

I looked on Autohaus AZ and they have nothing.

If anyone has changed theirs and can advise it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Matt

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Lower Control Arm

This is where I purchased my lower control arm. The price and service was outstanding, and it was shipped straightaway. (One word of caution is that the ball joints for the W220 are incorrectly listed on this site.)

Suspension - Front and Rear

I looked in to changing just the bushing and then I realized that for the price of the bushing and the tools needed to change it properly, that I was better off with a new part which would also include the new contact points for the airmatic and equalizer.

This isn't bad job and Peterstar posted the procedure in one of my threads. Follow it and all should work out.

If you are set on just doing the bushing, try this link:
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