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Hi, just joined the site and very useful it is too.

I've actually just answered this question with the help (well a hint really) from this site and thought I'd share the solution. I accidentally blew a fuse while installing a new radio/cd on my 1997 E230 estate. It also knocked out the remote central locking system so I couldn't lock the car.

There is one bank of fuses in the engine compartment (drivers side), there is another bunch of fuses on the side of the dash which you need to open the drivers door to get to (just prize the panel off), and there is yet another bank of fuses under the rear seat (driver's side) and this is where my problem was. I'd blown one of the 25amp fuses there. To get to the rear fuses lift up the folding seat base, turn the round plastic lug 90 degrees and lift the panel out. This is where the battery is kept too by the way.

Hope this is useful.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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