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When to Repaint your W123 Vs. Touching it Up?

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When is it time to get your W123 repainted?

I have an 81 300D in Orient Red and the paint is okay but it has its issues and trouble spots and I was wondering if it's better to get things touched up or have the whole thing repainted. I can't really afford a full on repaint right now and I also like the idea of keeping the original paint but not sure if it's past the point of no return. Let me give you a little background:

Basically the paint is dull and a little oxidized but can probably be revived to a degree. I've had it detailed before and it looked pretty good but eventually faded again. The place that detailed it definitely didn't do anything like use Meguiar's #7 or anything else that would help revive the actual paint. They pretty much just did the basic wax and buff. So I'm under the impression that since it looked pretty good with a simple wax job, using Meguiar's #7 or something similar would help tremendously. My real concern is the scratches and dings/dents. So let me break that down:

The car has a handful of little scratches and chips in the paint, nothing too crazy but although they are mostly small, they are there and bug me. It also has a handful of little dings but it also has a few bigger/medium size dents. I know that there is paintless dent removal but when you have 4 or 5 dents it starts adding up. So, I guess my question is, is it better to have the handful of dings/dents fixed, scratches touched up and keep the original paint or is it better to have the whole thing repainted? I live in Los Angeles and could someone recommend a place that could basically revitalize my paint job? Basically fix the dents, touch up the paint and maybe give it the whole treatment without repainting the whole thing? Obviously someone that specializes in single stage paint jobs.
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I am in a similar position to you Johnbob. Mine is heavily oxidised but I know it will polish up well when I eventually get round to it. But I do have a number of localised rust issues to address first so some repainting will be required. I have done touch up jobs on modern cars, but what I am not sure on is how to blend a repair with modern 2 part paints with the original one part paint. o_O
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