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I have attached a pic here with some residue that seems to have built up around the edge of the wheels. I have tried using a standard Meguiar's wheel cleaner with no success, and have beed contemplating using some 3M sponges which are "guaranteed not to scratch any surface"to try to remove them. The wheels clearly need the salt removed, but with temperatures about -10C this is a challenge.

Do people wax their wheels? or treat them somehow to make cleaning easier?

Does anyone have any idea what this residue is? Is it just a lump of brake dust spun out to the edge by driving?



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I would recommend you sending your rim to Wheel Crafters, they do great work when it comes to restoring rims. They can even match up the paint or repolish it if it needs it.
I wax my wheels. Makes life a whole lot easier.
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