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In need of some advise/opinions.

I am in the process of purchasing new wheels and tires. I am leaning strongly towards getting 20's as the large space in the wheel wells with the factory 16's always looked a little funny to me.

1. how do 20's handle in the snow...i am in philadelphia and eventhough old man winter has spared us so far i know he's coming soon.

2. should i just get new rubber for the 16's to ride out the winter or will the 20's be ok.

3. do i need to make any adjustments due to the size increase

I am also ordering new shocks and rotors from autohaus

thanks for your replies

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The 20s will be almost unusable in the snow. Actually dangerous. You will be driving
a 4700 lb vehicle with the dynamics of a hockey puck. Keep the 16s for winter and use
the 20s after March.
Height adjustment for the 20s will be desired at the front. That is done via the torsion
bars being adjusted.
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