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hi guys

just taken a w210 year 2000 in swap against my sl500 -the car is vey nice and i intend to sell on ebay ,But not wanting to buy alloys as this will put price up too much,it has lovely unmarked 16" steel wheels which replace the owners new set of amgs,which he kept for his next car....:crybaby2:

the tyres on these rims are good as new ,The problem is i cannot find 16" trims on ebay,loads of nice 15" for sale -can anyone advise if Vito trims fit on the rims
as there a a lot of very good used mercedes genuine vito trims to be had.

with buying off ebay i want to be sure will stay on rims before buying a set of trims that dont clip on.

if anyone has done this or knows what will fit i would be very gratefull for advice

cheers alan uk
1 - 2 of 2 Posts