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Hello everyone,

I've got a set of snow tires mounted on a set of 126 15-hole rims, that I'd like to use on my w201.

The front wheels fit no problem however the back ones do not clear my brake caliper piston as it hits some of the ridges behind the face of the wheel.

My w201 is lowered and fitted with a E420/SL600 brake kit. I have no problem running my w126's 8-hole rims, they clear everything.

However I'd rather not have to have the snow tires swapped on to the 8-holes only to have them swapped off after the winter thats $80+ each time I do that.

I was thinking about getting some wheel spacers just for the back...

I know these are often times frowned upon but I dont see any problem as long as they are of quality and the lug bolts are adequately tough and fully engaged.

I was looking at these:

WheelMate Hub Centric Wheel Spacers from HorsepowerFreaks

The price is pretty good for the 13mm ones however I am not quite sure that 13mm is necessary, it might be too much, or it might be just right.

Anyone have any thoughts on this matter?


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