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Wheel Question

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Is it just me or when I see pictures of 19" wheels on the clk they look perfect on the back but in the front they look a bit big? Would it be dumb, risky, etc to put 19 on the back and 18 in the front?

Also, I have read that 35 offset front and back is good, but I have also seen people using 28 on back and 32 up front....bad idea?

Thanks for your time.
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I have heard they put 18"'s on the front and 19's on the back on Benz race cars, but I was lucky enough to have checked out a racing CLK at a dealer and found that both wheels were 18's. However, I think that would be cool and very exciting to seen 18's on the front and 19's on the rear. I have always wanted to do that to my CLK. Instead I have 19's all around. OObenz
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