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I know the question keeps coming up over and over again both here and in the Tire Rack wheel and tyre section so I thought I'd add a few pics. If any one has other wheel sizes post them up and say what works.

86-89 SL can run 15 or 16 inch rims easily. The problem is basically when you have increased width.

15x7 or 16x7 accepts an offset of Et23-Et25.

86-89 update SL's with 16x8's need an offset of Et11 on the rear and an offset of Et23 to clear the 4 pot calipers on the front . They can also run 16x8 Et23-25 all round.
Earlier pre-86 update SL's can run an offset of Et11 all round.

16x8 Et11

16x8 Et11 external clearance

16x8 Et11 internal clearance

16x9's Et10's won't fit because they will hit the external guard:( Although I'm told an offset of Et18 will fit.
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