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Wheel Offsets W211

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I was interested in upgrading to either factory, Brabus, HRE, or Renntech 19s. I've checked into a few used sets in the BenzWorld classifieds and getting conflicting answers to correct sizes and offsets for W211. I understand that offsets may vary with each manufaturer however, is it correct that a Brabus 19x9.5 w/35mm offset will fit the E,CL,S class properly. I do not want the wheels/tires tucked too far in or pushed out past the fender arches.
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Okay unfortunately I cannot tell you what the offset is, but I bought new wheels and I really like them. The wheels are 8.5 x 20 front and 9.5 x 20 rear. The tires are Michelin PS2 245/35zr20 front and 285/30zr20 rear. The fronts are giving me a problem rubbing on the inside of the wheelwells, the plastic not the body. I also had to grind the stud for the link at the top down to just below the nut for the height which I wasn't happy about, but the look is awesome. So, I ordered 255/30zr20 which will increase the width just under .4 and decrease the overall diameter by .8 I believe and this should cure all the problems and still give the killer pimped look. Maybe not everyone likes it, but everyone I've shown it too likes it much better than the 18's.


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AGR - 1/29/2005 6:25 PM

Your car looks beautiful however, I'm not into going through all that to ride on 20s. And I'm not sure your problems are over as 20s are somewhat jeopardizing ride quality, interfering with the computer and one small mistake and you'll be purchasing another wheel.
Thanks AG, but we all have our opinions. I personally can't stand a car with a soft non responsive ride, but that's my opinion. I leave the ride adjuster on the firmest setting on the Benz. I also think the Michelins are a better stickier tire than the Conti's and the only problem I have had with the computer is the pressure sensors and if they are like my Vette's they just replace the valve stem. As far as worrying about replacing a wheel, nothing is risk free, so I don't live my life worrying about it. You can leave your rims and tires stock I have nothing against that, but there are very few cars that come with enough wheel and rubber for me to leave them that way and the cars usually cost over 200g's. So for now I'll go through a little trouble for the look and when I buy one of those fat rubbered mosters I'll be bummed that I have nothing to modify!
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