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Why mercedes wheels with same bolt pattern not fit to another mercedes? I buy AMG wheels from C280 with 5x112 pattern and same 66.5mm hub but i cant install on my '85 SL 380. There is any way to put those in, or i have to sell im back?
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Wheels i buy are r15x7, they fit perfectly on hub but bolts are about 1.5 mm off holes . If i need spacers can you help me with link or so?
What do you mean "1.5 mm off holes"?
Are the bolts too short? Too long?
Do the hub holes not align with the wheel holes?
Please explain.
I am still having trouble visualizing the problem .....

If the wheels are truly 112x5, the hole centres should coincide.

Perhaps you are talking about a difference in hole diameter? Later model MB wheels are drilled for 14 mm lug bolts instead of the 12 mm used on 107s. There might be adapter bolts available. Fonzi?
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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