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Why mercedes wheels with same bolt pattern not fit to another mercedes? I buy AMG wheels from C280 with 5x112 pattern and same 66.5mm hub but i cant install on my '85 SL 380. There is any way to put those in, or i have to sell im back?
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Wheels i buy are r15x7, they fit perfectly on hub but bolts are about 1.5 mm off holes . If i need spacers can you help me with link or so?
Yes , hub holes not meet wheel holes
Everything except not alighted holes looks ok
ALY65202 Mercedes C280 Wheel Silver Painted #2024010902. Thats part number on those wheels .
WTF bolts not meet hub holes ,
thats the main problem!!!
I buy from MB dealer bolts for amg wheels those are long enough
I will make some pictures and post here. Thank you all of you to trying help me!!!
1 - 8 of 18 Posts
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