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2000 E430 Sport
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I need to replace two rims from an accident with a curb in the snow.

No one ever calls me back, so I turn to my fellow owners group. I have had no luck in finding a reputable shop in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area who i will risk fender rolling or suspension mods. So i am looking for a lazy mans approach.

Can anyone give me a recommendation of tire/rim sizes front and rear that will fit on the 2000 E430 sport that has the euro look (like a 9 to 9.5 larger in the rear). I don’t understand all the offset, so if I would also need to buy spacers and bolts could you tell me this also. I would like to do this myself at a friend’s garage.

I know tire rack does not sell them but I was interested in Lorenser LM-5 and Brabus mono V 2pc but will consider alternatives that have the same agressive M-B look. can you also state the pros and cons between 18 inch and 19 inch. I am leaning towards 18 because of simplicity, but everyone likes 19’s if they can get them.

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The following facilities were recommended to us by customers. We have
not researched t...

The following facilities were recommended to us by customers. We have
not researched the quality or speed of their work. We do not know the
limits of their capabilities or the level of experience they have. We
can not accept any responsibility for problems or delays a customer ma
y experience with this independent repair facilities. We offer this li
st as a starting point for customers to do their own research on selec
ting a facility.
We do not recommend repairing wheels unless they can be tested to meet
the original load capacity design of the wheel. This will be very dif
ficult to do and could exceed the cost of the wheel.
BBS and OZ can replace some damaged pieces of multipiece wheels.
Wheel coll. center 800.292.7467 7286 penn dr. Bath, Pa 18014
or 600 Shoemaker ave. Suite 4 Columbus Oh 43201 800.826.5795
Ye Olde Wheel shop 800.526.8260 6363 Washington Elkridge, Md 21227
The Wheel Shoppe 810.756.7256 18011 14 Mile rd. Fraser, Mi 48026

as far as wheel replacement

look here
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