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Wheel bolts for 2000 E320...

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Wheel bolts for 2000 E320...

I have bought 17" E430 sport wheels to mount on my 2000 E320 4Matic wagon. My car currently has the long style bolts that are prone to breaking and I want to get rid of them.

Does anyone know the part number for the short bolts and where I can get them from online?

The dealer would be fine for 1 or 2, but for 20, I am sure he will bend me over the counter.

I really just need to know the correct wheel bolt specs, then I should be able to find them online somewhere.
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Try Ebay under "Mercedes lug bolts". Should be able to find set of 20 for around $30. I just put 17 " sport rims on my 98 E320. They were from a 2004 E500, so I had to get special bolts to fit. Mercedes went to a 14 mm bolt in 2003. Before 2003, they were 12mm bolts. If your new wheels are from a 96-2002 E class, you should have no problem.
I found this with some round about digging in Russian websites.

Short Shank Head for Alloy Wheel: 63.5mm overall length (needed for the E430 wheels)
• 203 401 02 70
o preceded by 000 990 10 07
o $3.05 USD / $3.78 CAD

Long Shank Head for Alloy Wheel: 85mm overall length (currently on the car)
• 124 400 07 70
o preceded by 203 401 03 70
o $6.64 USD / $8.22 CAD

Steel Wheels only: 38mm overall length
• 201 401 02 70
o preceded by 170 401 01 70
o preceded by 110 401 01 70
o $1.34 USD / $1.66 CAD
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If you buy a set on ebay, make sure they are ball seat lug bolts. There are some listed that are cone seat and they will not work. Measure the length of the stock bolts below the seat to make sure they will be correct.
My local dealer wants $8 CAD each for them. Nevermind the fact our family has bought over 10 cars there.

The dealership 2 hours away where my mother-in-law lives want $4.88 CAD for them each.

That is a $1 CAD more than online from the US, but after shipping, taxes, and duty, it works out to the same price.

Thanks everyone for helping my with the part numbers. Wheels will be going one within a week.
Good investment!
I just paid $335 to remove one broken bolt and in the process destroy an alloy wheel.

Just another example of how MB cares nothing at all about customer satisfaction, or they would have had a recall on this well known problem long ago.
I bought them at another dealer for $4.88 CAD each.

They are cheaper online, but after shipping and duties, the cost was exactly the same.

My old bolts are now sitting in bags in the garage. Maybe I will take them to the steel grinder wheel, clean them up, and toss them on EBay.
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