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Should I take my mercedes (2009 E350) to the dealer for a wheel alignment or could I trust the place I buy tires from (Les Schwab/Discount Tire/Big O Tire etc) be able to do the alignment correctly? The dealer seems a little more pricey and is also a little less convinient to drive to.

I currently have a brand new set of front tires that were installed by one of the above places and which are correctly rotated and aligned according to them. However, I get an annoying 'wa wa wa' sound as I drive. I used to hear the sound with one of my previous sets of tires and it turned out that the front tires were cupped due to poor alignment.

Why am I hearing the same sound with a new pair of front tires? Is it because the alignment is off even though the folks who installed the tires mentioned it is per spec?
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