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What's the leadtime for a CLK coupe?

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I'm thinking (watch out wallet) of getting a CLK430 coupe in the relatively near future. Any current estimates on the wait for a "special order" (I'm partial to Mineral Green at the moment)? I realize that I could get the scoop from the dealer, but I don't want to get him all hot on my tail just yet...<p>Thanks! BTW, I'm new on this board (Usually hang out on the SLK board).<p>'99 VW Beetle 1.8T<br>'01 SLK320
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Re: The lead time is about 2-3 months in Chicago area!

yeah right !!!!! that's in no way possible who are you kiding the normal waiting period anywhere in the U.S is 8 months to a year unless you get lucky
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