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whats the deal w/ ATF in fuel filters?

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i've been reading all these old posts and filling your spin-on with ATF seems completely acceptable, even recommended. this sounds like a completely ludacris thing to do but i assume it isn't, seeing as a few of you seemingly trustworthy and knowledgable guys condone it. my question is why should i do this rather than filling it with diesel? while i'm at it, another question:
what the heck does the ALDA looking thing on my IP do on a non-turbo 240?
and another:
why can't i get that last little air bubble out of my primary? (clear) fuel filter?
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alright, so the ATF won't hurt... might help, leave the "ALDA" alone and quit thumping at the filter and spewing diesel everywhere in hopes of purging that tiny bubble. thanks for the advice and, to MBZ300CD, i was pretty sure that i was the only person that bought "alligator" but turns out, there were two of us, lol.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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