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What year was the first SL60 AMG produced?

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I've seen a 1992 SL60 AMG advertised for sale. I am unsure if they were even made back then. The car is an import, and a LHD. As far as i was aware the SL60 started off in 1995 or was it earlier?
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The first SL 500 6.0 (later SL 60) was produced with 3 cars in 1990. End of production was in 1998. Totally around 300-400 cars over the years. Nobody seems to know for sure.

Below som pic of a 1992 ...


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I just bought a 92 sl 500 amg 6.0 or sl60

1990-1993 sl500 .60 amg Very rare 92 being the rarest and last amg car made by AMG as an independent tuner before...93-98 sl60AMG were bought by DB in 93..
sorry i keep posting this on all the sl60 forums im just so stoked!

Just bought an AMG sl60 or pre 500 sl 6.0 IMPORTED 62k mi REAR SEAT IN OX BLOOD RED OVER SILVER.. pics attached.. seem like alot of you guys have fake sl60's from what i have researched your AMG emblems are in the wrong places, not lowered like mine, the exhausts dont look the same and the RED INTERIOR IS THE ONLY "ON THE TRUE AMG CARS.. I bought mine in AZ from an insurance company and IT HAS BEEN IMPORTED WITH THE FACTORY REAR SEATS.. IF YOU KNEW WHAT I PAID YOU WOULD CRY.. I ALSO HAVE A WRECKED SL500 with panoramic roof black on black SELLING IT AND KEEPING MY 92AMG 6.0 obviously.. IT is damaged a bit.. thats how i scored it sooooo cheap.. just to have it imported to US and leagalized would be $thousands I'm sure some of you guys that bought from japan know what Im talkin bout!! ANYWAY IM NEW AND WANTED TO SAY WHATTUP!
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vin tag

can i get you to delete the import tag with vin please... there are people that will copy the vin and make more fake sl60's theres alot of them mainly in japan.. ill post an edited pic of it tho.. thanks Bud, and thank you for not bidding.. it was a hell of a deal!


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