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What would you buy?

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If you were in Germany, and didn't have to pay for shipping to the U.S. (or other parts of the world) and had the ability to buy goods with a 16% VAT discount...what parts and/or accesories would you be likely to purchase for your G?

Here's what I think I'll start with:

SPARES: Water Pump, Timing Chain, Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders, Thermostat, Wheel Bearings, Fan Belt, Valve Cover Gasket.

DOO-DADS: ALUTEC MB Vantastic Wheels (6.5x16H2)
ARB Roof Rack (Extrem Motorsport?), Fender Flares (ORC or MB).

What else would you want from the Motherland?

Thanks, Shawn
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With the way the dollar/Euro is, all of this would be cheaper in the US. I just imported a new G500 Cab from Germany and what would have been 80k( basically same price as G500) here was 100k there without the tax. Not a good time to buy in Europe.
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