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I'm going to take a look at a (150K miles on the clock) 1991 260E later on this week.

The cruise control and the central locking are playing up. I've read about the CL pump under the rear seat and the silver CC amplifier box under the dash. I guess these will be things to negotiate over the price with.

From trawling the MB forums I think I should be looking for the following things:

Condition of the overall car (looks good in photos)

Service history (it has some but not all is documented)

It's a 103 engine - so check for oil where the head meets the block at the rear of the engine on the passenger side.

Check for smoke when starting (worn valve guides or seals)

Is there anything else I should be looking for[?]
Any stock faults or other problem I should be aware of?

Any replies would be very appreciated as I hope to see the car on Friday
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