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What to look for in used purchase of 240D or 300D Turbo Diesel?

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Dear Members,

I have done research over the past few years looking into all diesel models. I am just looking for a reliable old diesel sedan that won't fall apart in the next few years if maintained well.

Currently, I have my eye on a '83 300D Turbo Diesel with nearly 300,000 miles on it. I had it inspected, and it just needs a new home. I am somewhat hesitant due to its mileage, however, I am finding most of these older diesels have high mileage but appear to run forever.

Should I try to talk my Dad into purchasing this car or just forget it and go for my brother's '98 Mustang? I am trying to convince my Dad the reliability and dependability of these old diesels, or was I totally misinformed? Any help on what to look out for in purchasing an old used MB Diesel would be greatly appreciated.


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Have you driven a diesel? Are you sure you want to go this route? With that mileage I would only buy if you have service records, as with my 300 D. There are other issues with the miles regardless of how well the car was cared for – suspension and front end problems, ACC issues, leaking seals, overheating, and transmissions problems. A knowledgeable MB mechanic should check the car bumper to bumper. I would also have a compression test done.
Both the 240D and 300D have great engines.
If this is your first MB, I would opt for around 150,000 to 225,000. Thos still have alot more life in them. Not only the engine, but the steering, seats, and vaccuum system.

What's the price of the '83 you're currently looking at?
The 300D Turbo I am looking at is selling for $2800.00.

As for whether have I driven a diesel, yes. I remember when I was six years old, my aunt owned a 1977 240D. I remember how beautiful the car was and riding in it. Through the years, I have always wanted a Mercedes diesel. I want a safe and solid car without dealing with all the new computer "crap" that are put in the new cars being made today.

I realize the cars don't have alot of horsepower, and this is not a main concern. I will be using this car to commute to college a few times a week, that is about it.


Personally, I think that is a bit expensive especially with 300K milles on it.
I bought my 85 Coupe with 125k for $2,500. I personally think its too much also.
soundwavefl - 2/16/2005 4:18 PM

The 300D Turbo I am looking at is selling for $2800.00.

Only with all books and complete service records with dealer stamps – otherwise keep looking.
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