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This is a great thread.

I have a 2006 S65 & I'm dealing with the sporadic issue of the front HVAC controls, CD player & steering wheel tilt feature not working.

I suspect this is a SAM on its way out, so I will be going to the junkyard in search for parts.

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I posted this picture in another thread but I thought it warranted inclusion here as well.

After pulling a part from a rear ended W220 in the local pick and pull, I gave the rest of the car a once over to see if there was anything else I wanted. I left the hood ornament for someone else. I snagged the unmolested shifter knob even though it was the wrong color because I prefer the shape and feel of the 220 knob vs. the E class knob that was temporarily making it possible to shift the car comfortably while searching to replace the broken original knob.

Then I opened the door on the console and boom goes the dynamite!

My car had NOTHING in that compartment when I bought it. A few years ago, I found an alternate piece that fit in that space and I've used it as a catch bin ever since but when I found this...! I had a couple of W210s in the past and those pop up cup holders were fragile, rickety devices that could barely be trusted to hold an empty paper cup.


This beast is so sturdy that you could use it as an infant car seat if...that were even possible so never mind that idea.
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In Ireland there has been a sharp decline in w220 parts cars showing up in the last year or so. Used to be a steady stream of them but I guess the influx of poorly maintained diesel ones are eventually drying up.

Hence when a friend was parting one out recently I went today to get some spares. Bonnet star and facelift tails, toolkit etc. It was one of the last production w220s so has the better rust protection. The front wings were in great condition (usually they are trashed with rust here) so I got them also for spares since I intend to hold onto my 2x w220s

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